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CWHA has served as an urban problem solver, creating innovative solutions to community issues with a focus on breaking the cycle of poverty through building diverse partnership and grassroots leadership initiatives.

CWHA conducts programs that aim to improve the well being of individuals, to strengthen families and empower communities. These programs are uniquely designed to provide comprehensive, integrated, culturally appropriate and coordinated "one-stop" service.

HIV Testing, Case Management Program
and HIV/AIDS Education

  • Free confidential rapid testing at our office (3512 Church Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11203) Results in 20 minutes
  • No appointment needed (Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm)
  • Pre and Post Test Counseling
  • Free condoms (male/female) and dental dams available
  • Our trained testers can provide free confidential testing at health fairs, organizations or group events. To make an appointment, please call 718-940-9505/718-826-2942.
Case Management Program
  • Case management services to HIV infected or affected individuals
  • Comprehensive needs assessment available
  • Referrals for service (eg, housing, healthcare, PA, food stamps) as needed
  • Technical support, assistance and training to other providers of HIV/AIDS services.
  • Walk-ins and Referrals Welcome

HIV/AIDS Education

    Culturally-specific skill based two hour workshop that helps the participants to develop assertive communication skills that will enable them to make better decisions regarding their sexual health. The video presentation and related discussion helps group participants learn strategies to overcome the barriers of condom usage. The group participants will also learn the characteristics of different types of condoms in order to choose the condom that best suits their needs.

    This group-level, gender- and culturally- relevant intervention, is designed to increase condom use among African American women. The workshops consist of five peer-led group sessions. Each two hour session focuses on ethnic and gender pride, HIV knowledge, and skills training around sexual risk reduction behaviors and decision making.

  • HIV/AIDS 101
    This is an introductory two hour workshop that covers the basic knowledge of HIV/AIDS. The topics covered are as follows: methods of transmission, the physical effects of the disease on the body, treatment options, HIV/AIDS language/terms, and information about HIV testing.

  • STI's (Sexually Transmitted Infections)
    This two hour workshop provides an in-depth description of the different types of sexually transmitted diseases, how the various diseases are contracted and the methods of prevention and treatment.

  • Safer Sex practices
    This is an interactive two hour workshop that utilizes anatomically correct models to demonstrate contraception use. Group participants will have the opportunity to handle traditional condoms, female condoms and dental dams. The workshop highlights the precautions individuals need to take to prevent themselves from contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

  • Self-esteem & HIV
    The focus of this two hour workshop is to empower and motivate individuals to reduce risky behaviors and make better decisions. The curriculum identifies risky behaviors and their possible consequences. It allows individuals to examine how they would respond in various situations. The workshop also attempts to identify what motivates the participants behavior.

  • Stress Management
    This two hour workshop uses practical methods such as relaxation techniques, time management techniques and proper nutrition to help group participants learn how to better cope and reduce stress.

  • Domestic Violence & HIV
    This two hour workshop is geared to helping group participants learn how to recognize and avoid abusive relationships. Participants will learn the different spectrum of behaviors found in both healthy and unhealthy relationships. This includes the following: a discussion of emotional, verbal and physical abuse; and acquaintance rape. Participants will get an overview of domestic violence statistics. In addition, participants will learn about the correlation of HIV infections and domestic violence cases. Participants will receive referrals and resources for any additional services.

    These are one time workshops that last approximately two hours. They are designed for groups of 10-15 participants. If there is any special request for larger groups please let us know in advance so that accommodations will be made to cater to larger groups.

    To request a workshop, please call (718) 940-9505 Kerline Destin ext. 211 Office Hours Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM.

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